Our Leaders

Dr. Christine Williams

Medical Advisor

Physician, Head of Medicine Dept,
Sierra Leone-China Friendship Hospital

Mr. Abou Jalloh Jr.

Executive Director & Vice-Chair

Moyamba & Bo District Under construction

Mr. Sahr Junior Saffa Bangai

Financial Director

Sahr Junior Saffa Bangai is Sierra Leonean American was born on October 23, 1980 in Kono District, Eastern Province. Nimikoro Chiefdom, in the village of Ngayia by the later Chief Tamba Teteh Bangai and Kumba Theresa Bangai.
HFY-SL: Vision
To transform the minds set of youths of Sierra Leone through education, promoting self-reliance and building self-determination among the youths.

Mrs. Nyahanga Jalloh

Youth Empowerment Director

Nyahanga Jalloh née Stephens is from Sembehun, Moyamba District. She was born and raised in Freetown, Sierra Leone. My vision for Hope For Youths SL is to provide sustainable development systems that will build on the strength of our youths by educating, engaging, employing and creating healthier communities across the country.

Mrs. Yvonne B. (Ashwood) Bull

National Executive Director & Youth Health Director

Mrs. Yvonne B. (Ashwood) Bull was born and raised in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Mrs. Bull serves as the National Executive Director based in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Mrs. Bull strongly believes that Hope For Youths-Sierra Leone will transform the lives of the prepared and unprepared youths as responsibility citizens and transformative leaders of tomorrow. She is a strong advocate for healthy life style for all and passionate about gender equity issues.

Dr. Fouad Sheriff

Medical Advisor

Physician, Mary Washington Hospital
Proprietor: Cotton Tree Pharmacy
Executive Director: We Yone Kidney Clinic,
Freetown, Sierra Leone

Mr. Christopher Tucker

National Coordinator

Christopher Tucker born in Waterloo September 30 1985. Mr. Tucker serves as the National Coordinator for Hope For Youths-SL. His vision for Hope for youth Sierra Leone is to make sure that all youths of Sierra Leone be self-employed. He aslo believes that the youths of Sierra Leone be the front-runners of national development. He appeals to youths to stay away from prostitution, violence, and drugs.

Mrs. Gloria Cole Bull

Youth Education Director

Mrs. Gloria Bull was born and raised in Freetown, Sierra Leone. For Mrs. Bull, Hope For Youths-Sierra Leone is the clarion call to change deeply rooted bad habits and practices. She wants youths to embody the Sierra Leone principles of unity, justice, liberty, and peace as innovative, transformative, and visionary leaders. She sees HFY-SL as the vehicle the youths need to take them to destination patriotism and productive citizens.

Mrs. Pamela Njai

Health Director

Western Urban - Under Construction

Pastor Fayia Neka

Youth Empowerment Director

Pst Fayia Neka, born in Turadu Village, via Koindu Town, Kailahun District.

Dr. Prince Hycy Bull

CEO & Founder, Hope For Youths-Sierra Leone

Dr. Bull is the founder and CEO of Hope For Youths-Sierra Leone. Dr. Bull was born in Bo Town, Bo District, Kakua Chiefdom, on February 16, 1961. He is a strong social justice advocate for the people of Sierra Leone. Through his YouTube Channel, “True Say, Tok Me,” Dr. Bull has addressed critical political, social, educational, and economic issues facing the people of Sierra Leone. Dr. Bull is a passionate supporter of youth development and literacy to build the next generation of prepared Sierra Leonean citizens. He has supported several education projects in Sierra Leone dedicated to elementary, secondary, and special education. Dr. Bull served three terms as the President of the Sierra Leone Triangle Association in North Carolina. Currently, Dr. Bull is a full-professor and the Dean of the Gardner-Webb University School of Education in Boiling Springs, North Carolina.


Mr. David Stanley-Coker

Western Area Director

Mr. David Stanley-Coker was born and raised in Freetown, Sierra Leone. He serves as the HFY-SL Western Area Coordinator.

Mrs. Juilana Hawa Parker

Youth Empowerment Director

Mrs. Juliana Hawa Mosere Parker was born in Potoru, Pujehun Dstrict. She was raised in Monghere, Bo District. Currently, she serves as the leader for HFY-SLPujehun Chapter.

Mrs. Sia Dabor

Youth Empowerment Director

Mrs. Dabor was born in Nongowa Chiefdom, Kenema District. She was raised in Koidu Town, Kono District. Mrs. Daboh sees Hope for Youths-Sierra Leone organization as the vehicle to empower the Sierra Leonean youths and help them grow into successful and responsible adults and leaders.

Mr. Abass Allieu Kamara


I’m Abass Allieu Kamara aka BAZINO, born in Magbema Chiefdom, Kambia Town in Kambia District. With Hope For Youths Sierra Leone, my vision is to see every youth in Sierra Leone empowered and hope to become useful citizen.

Mr. Derrick Lewis

Financial Director

Place of birth: Freetown Central One, Sierra Leone

My vision for Hope For Youths Sierra Leone organization is to help develop a plan of action for the youths and provide moral, financial and educational support towards their development. I want to help them to contribute in positive ways to the country and give them hope for the present and future. I wan to help them to stay away from drugs, prostitution, criminal activities and anything that will destroy them, their communities and the country at large.

Mrs. Matilda Orimisa Cole

Communication Director

Western Urban - Under construction

Mrs. Yvette Bruno-Gaston

Youth Health Director

Mrs. Yvette Bruno-Gaston is a native of Waterloo Village, Western Rural. Mrs. Bruno-Gaston sees HFY-SL as the organization to promote self-determination, self-sufficiency, pride, respect, motivation, enlightenment, gender equality, leadership awareness, and empowerment for all Sierra Leone youths.