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HFY-SL was founded in June 2020, by Dr. Prince Hycy Bull in North Carolina, U.S.A. As citizens and supporters residing in Sierra Leone and the diaspora, we seek to contribute to the growth of Sierra Leone and the welfare of all Sierra Leoneans by constituting ourselves into an organization, known as Hope For Youths-Sierra Leone.

Dr. Prince Hycy Bull


Our Mission

The HFY-SL, Inc. is a registered non-profit and non-partisan organization in the United States of America and Sierra Leone that develops youths as patriotic, innovative, visionary, and transformative leaders by applying the principles of love, peace, justice, unity, and freedom to create a progressive, peaceful, healthy, robust, and economically sustainable country that provides beyond the basic needs for its citizens and competes in the 21st-century global economy.  


"We will build a new Sierra Leone one youth at a time, one village at a time, one town at a time, one chiefdom at a time, one district at a time, one province at a time, and one region at a time." 

~ Dr. Prince Hycy Bull, CEO & Founder, HFY-SL~ 

Our Mission

Our Vision

The HFY-SL, Inc. is a catalyst for producing visionary, innovative, and transformative leaders in

Sierra Leone. 

Our Chapters & Leaders

  1. United States of America - Dr. Prince Hycy Bull, CEO & Founder

  2. Canada - Mrs. Maltida Cole (Rep)

  3. United Kingdom - Mrs. Rebecca Kemoi (Rep)

  4. Juba Community: (Leader) Ms. Quintilia Pratt 

  5. Kambia District: (Leader) Mrs. Aminata Turay

  6. Kissy Grassfield/Mess Mess: (Leader) Mr. Unisa Kamara

  7. Kissy: (Leader) Mr. Abduliah Jalloh 

  8. Kono District: (Leader) Mr. Justin Ngaujah

  9. Moyamba District: (Leader) Mr. Musa Sawaneh

  10. Pujehun District: (Leader) 

  11. Regent Village: (Leaders) Mr. Joseph Kobba

  12. Special Needs: (Leader) 

  13. Tengbeh Town: (Leader) Mr. Prince Manley

  14. The Gambia: (Leader) Mr. David Stanley-Coker 

  15. Waterloo Village: (Leader) 

  16. Wellington: (Leader) Mr. Joseph Turay

  17. Entertainment: (Leader) Mr. Christopher Tucker 

  18. Kailahun District: (Leader) Mr. Sahr Saidu Lunagy (September 2020)

  19. Pendembu Kailahun: (September 2020)

  20. Bonthe District: (Leader) Mr. Ibrahim Foday Bah ( November 2020)

  21. Kenema District: (Leader) Ms. Zainab K. Mohamed (November 2020)

  22. Port Loko District: (Leader)  (January 2021)

  23. Kanikay Community: (Leader) Mr. Paul Dominic (March 2021)

  24. Sembehun Chapter (Leader) Mr. Idrissa Gassimu (August 2021)

  25. Bo Central Chapter (Leader) August 2021

  26. Bo Kissy Chapter (Leader) August 2021

  27. Hope Football Club Kambia District (January 2022)

  28. Bumbuna Chapter (December 2022)

  29. Mile 91 Chapter (October 2022)

  30. Makeni Chapter (December 2022)

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