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Mrs. Yvonne B. (Ashwood) Bull

National Executive Director & Youth Health Director

Primary Education: Freetown Secondary School for Girls

Secondary Education: The Annie Walsh Memorial School, Freetown

After graduating from the AWMS, Bertha traveled to the UK where she pursued a Nursing Career and graduated as a State Registered Nurse in Yorkshire, then proceeded to obtain a Midwifery degree in Nottinghamshire. After becoming a midwife, Aunty “B” returned to Freetown where she was commissioned as an Officer in the Sierra Leone Military Forces. She worked in the Sierra Leone Military Hospital as Lt B. Y. Bull (Nursing).
She returned to London after a few years, then moved to North Carolina, USA, where she got married and was blessed with two wonderful daughters, Desiree and Alicia Ashwood.

Aunty “B” has worked in several capacities and locations during her 3+ decades in the Health Care field including Duke University Hospital in N/C and Emory University Hospital in Atlanta , Georgia.
Presently living in Atlanta, she is looking forward to enjoying her retirement in the diaspora and partly in Sierra Leone.

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