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Youth Lab 4 Peace
"Say No To Election Violence"
"Ar Go Vote, But Ar Nor Go Fet"

Project "Youth Lab 4 Peace" seeks to engage the youths in the civic life of Sierra Leone and build a sense of shared values and responsibilities of citizenship across the ethnic, religious, and socio-economic divisions in the following areas: good citizenship, anti-sexual violence, principles of democracy, female empowerment, and healthy lifestyle. Program activities include but are not limited to school clubs, community activities, service-learning activities, recorded presentations, handouts, pamphlets, talks, debates, town hall meetings, radio shows, TV shows, dramatizations, conferences, 5K runs, seminars, multimedia, songs, sporting events and galas, school-based extracurricular, musical shows, and promotional materials. 

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Hope for Youths Sierra Leone Election
Songs & Dramatization

Say Not To Election Violence 
Pictures & Videos

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